Known for his Balinese inspired architecture, locally renowned British architect Jon Osman’s design incorporates the natural elements of the famed granite boulders of The Baths, the pristine beauty of the Caribbean Sea as well as the form and function associated with world class luxury destinations.

The villa was painstakingly built by Virgin Gorda builder Samuel Bascombe and his team of artisan carpenters, masons and tradesmen. The timber used to construct the property was sourced from Guyana, South America and is comprised of Green Heart, Purple Heart, Bullet Wood and Mahogany. Locally quarried stone, imported quartz and granite add to the natural elements that make Batu standout as one the top rental villas on Virgin Gorda.

The entry doors, furniture, décor and rock landscape lighting are custom designed, handcrafted and imported from Bali by Roy Keegan of Arawak BVI. If you look closely at the wood and stone carvings throughout the property you will notice the Batu logo prominently represented throughout.

The custom copper outdoor sconces and light covers were designed and produced by Mountain Metalsmiths located in the Ozark mountains of Missouri and pay homage to the owners’ state of residence.